pairing: yoochun/junsu (or not?)
length: drabble
prompt: scarf, asked by cassiesfohlife
summary: you think you can fly but you know you will fall.

Your phone is in the bedroom somewhere, ringing itself into silence.

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2014.03.31 Goyang city’s honorary ambassador



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090926 tohoshinki a-nation performance of sky


Kim Jaejoong for ‘The JYJ Magazine’ No.3 – Part 5

Credit: Mitsumani
Shared by: JYJ3

I wanted to see you. I always wanted to see you. I’m still embracing your everything. Forgive me for smiling, only just for us. Surely ahead of this road the light is still shining. We will be able to start again, without saying any words. We will walk ahead, searching for our dreams once more.

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why are yall still following me lmao i reblog like one thing a day

2014 XIA The Best Ballad (Spring tour concert in Japan)

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selling two tickets to Block B’s DC concert!


these are mid-balcony AA tickets, the very first row on the balcony. i bought the two together for $193 with handling charges and i’m auctioning them together for $180 on ebay [here]. please do check it out!

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