leave 2 idol/groups/performance/mvs in my ask and i’ll make a gifset of what i prefer

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behind your grown up mask, the twinkling of your girlish eyes is hidden, it’s dazzling…
sweet pleasure is so sweet that it devours me up in whole

solo works by XIA

are yall lost

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changmin fell asleep while recording a sleeping scene ಥ‿ಥ

'KIM JUNSU MAGAZINE' February 2014
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pairing: yoochun/junsu (or not?)
length: drabble
prompt: scarf, asked by cassiesfohlife
summary: you think you can fly but you know you will fall.

Your phone is in the bedroom somewhere, ringing itself into silence.

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2014.03.31 Goyang city’s honorary ambassador



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090926 tohoshinki a-nation performance of sky